What County is Santa Ana CA in

Santa Ana is the Spanish name for Saint Anne. Founded in 1869 and with a population of around three hundred thousand as per the 2011 statistics, Santa Ana is the second most populous city in the Orange County. Orange County is the home to over three million people as per the 2010 census.

History of Orange County.

First people to live in this county came at around a thousand years ago and were mainly hunters, fishermen and gatherers, these first people were Tongva, Juaneno and Luiseno. The area was first named Valle De
Santa Ana by a Spanish mission.

By this time the main industry was cattle ranching but it was adversely affected by a severe drought that occurred in the 1860s.
Later on Silver was discovered in the Santa Ana Mountains in the year 1887 attracting settlers in the area. It was this growth that led to the division of Los Angeles to create Orange County in the late 1880s.
Orange County started benefiting majorly as from 1904 after the completion of the Pacific Electric Railway since this made it possible for upcoming celebrities from Hollywood to visit the area. This railway meant so much such that Pacific City changed its name to Huntington Beach in honor of the president of the railway, Henry E. Huntington.
Other things that led to the development of Orange County were the completion of State Route in the 1920s, the completion of interstate 5 in 1954, the opening of Disneyland in in 1955. In 1969 Orange county produced the 37th president of United states.|


Orange county is the smallest county in southern California having an area of two thousand, four hundred and sixty kilometers squared as according to the U.S census bureau. This county is bordered by the pacific ocean, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino, Riverside County and San Diego county.

The major watercourse in Orange County is the Santa Ana River, other water courses are Horsethief Creek, San Juan Creek and Alison Creek.


Orange County has always been known to be a Republican stronghold with no one being voted for a democratic presidential candidate since
Franklin D.


Tourism began way since the completion of the Pacific Electric Railway in the year 1904. Tourism is still a very important economy aspect to Orange County with Anaheim being the main tourist center.


Orange County is home to twelve colleges and other twelve universities.
Orange County is the home of Santa Ana is a good place to invest, live, tour, and / or get education.

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