What to see in Orange County

30 Things to See in Orange County

Orange County is possibly one of the most famous locations in the United States. But there’s much more to it than what appears on television or in magazines. Here are five ideas of what to see in Orange County.

Explore Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park has miles and miles of gorgeous beaches and hiking trails that are perfect for a day out or an overnight camping trip. For history buffs, no trip to Crystal Cove is complete without seeing the Historical District, a collection of lovingly preserved cottages that provide a glimpse into early twentieth century coastal architecture.

Attend the Pageant of the Masters

The idea of reenacting famous paintings may seem strange to you, but this sight is well worth the visit. For ninety minutes, actors portray some of the world’s greatest paintings, backed by beautiful set pieces and a live orchestra. The intricate designs and careful attention to detail breathe a new life into these masterpieces that will absolutely captivate you.

Check out the Sawdust Festival

If arts and crafts are more your thing, be sure to see the Sawdust Festival every summer and winter. You can purchase handmade creations from Orange County artists, participate in arts workshops, and let your children explore booths designed specifically for them. The Sawdust Festival was founded by hippies in 1965 and their creative and eclectic spirit lives on in the atmosphere of the Sawdust Festival

Visit Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor is one of the largest and most popular recreational harbors in the world. Any stretch of time in Orange County would be incomplete without a visit. Though the boats may cost a fortune, the views are free. Walk around and take in the beautiful ocean, then stroll down to the nearby shops and restaurants.

Cruise the Pacific Coast Highway

While walking is one of the best ways to see new things, driving can give you a whole new view. Take a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway, with or without a destination in mind. Relax and take in the beaches, palm trees, and blue skies.

Orange County is filled with amazing things to see. So choose a place and start exploring!

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